Selfless Christianity

Contrary to what is often taught these days, Christianity is not all about me. It’s not about making me happy or prosperous. It’s not about worshipping with a fun church which provides hours of entertainment for my children. It’s not about pseudo-spiritual blather designed to make me feel good about myself and boost my self esteem. It’s not about making business contacts in a socially prominent congregation or rubbing shoulders with the “right people”. And Christianity is certainly not about politics in this present world.

Christianity is about God. It’s about glorifying Him. It’s about honoring Him for His grace and mercy manifested in the gift of His only son. It’s about living in eternity, offering never ending testimony to the riches of His loving kindness. It’s about focusing our lives and attention upon service to the Creator and Redeemer.

Christianity is not about us. It’s about loving God by serving Him and serving men made in His image. Christianity doesn’t ask, “What can everyone else do for me?" But, “What can I do for someone else?" Christianity doesn’t wallow in self pity because others aren’t paying enough attention to us; Christianity pays attention to others.

It doesn’t just talk about being hospitable, but actually practices hospitality. It doesn’t just talk about being close to brethren, but seeks to develop real relationships with brethren. It doesn’t just pay lip service to the importance of worship and Bible study, but actually attends and participates even when the presentation of God’s word isn’t particularly entertaining. It doesn’t approach worship from the standpoint of “Will I enjoy this?” But rather, "Will my presence here truly honor God and encourage other disciples?"

True Christianity is selfless. Me centered Christianity is no Christianity at all. Me centered Christianity is the spirit of the age, but surely not the spirit of Christ. Selfless Christianity recognizes that God is under no obligation to save us, but desires to save us because of His incomparable love, grace, and mercy. Any view of Christianity that focuses on self is not a biblical view. The Christian who is consumed with self can never be consumed with God.